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Wallingford, CT show
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Author:  Starstruck [ Oct 07 10 4:47:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Wallingford, CT show

Went to the Dome at Oakdale last night. I didn't really understand what "The Dome" meant till I got there. Turns out it is actually the lobby of the Oakdale Theater, which has a dome shaped ceiling. I guess this paragraph is boring unless you're local, but in case you are I just wanted to clear up wtf "The Dome" meant.

I got there late, so I just saw Skillet. I was not looking forward to them being on the bill and thought about coming even later for Roach's set. But I kinda like the anticipation you experience getting there earlier, and also having time to settle into the environment after the voyage to get there. Also since I've started writing I'm trying to be more open minded about catching opening acts because sometimes you do find a gem among the bunch that you wouldn't have heard about otherwise. Anyway, they pleasantly surprised me. Lotta passion into all the songs. However, they were kinda depressing, as they have a song about a girl coming to say goodbye before she commits suicide (?) and brought up kids killing kids. Exactly what I want to hear about during a fun night out, thanks. They had shooting towers of white smoke that would scare the crap out of me. The crowd really seemed to know their songs. And they have a string section!

Roach played all the new stuff except "No Matter What." It all sounds amazing live. Total headbanging time. I have a bangover today :( There was some fight during the show down front, and Jacoby made a comment that there have been fights the last few nights in a row. here he stops Forever in Baltimore (the night before) because two girls were going at it. If I had to take a guess it was probably some drunk slore trying to shove her way down front, which is usually what sets me off. That type of girl is just so annoying and violent. I hate standing down front with people who otherwise respect each other's space until someone comes up behind you just before the headliner and tries to grind you from behind until you move. There have been times I have suffered through near molestation just because I refuse to give up my spot on the barricade. /rant

Setlist (not in order)

Last Resort
Broken Home
Dead Cell



To Be Loved

Hollywood Whore

One Track Mind
The Enemy
Kick In the Teeth

It was literally Papa Roach Wednesday for me. Except that I couldn't see Tony the entire show from where I was standing. So 3/4 of Papa Roach Wednesday.

Author:  Edacious P [ Oct 07 10 10:10:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wallingford, CT show

wowawiwa as borat would say.

What do you mean by Skillet has a string section? They have actual people who play string instruments on their live show?

A bit surprised they would let NMW slip, because I bet my left testicle on it sounding live even more killer.

And boy oh boy are those actually LED screens I see at a PRoach show? That new management must be treating them real good. That's probably the biggest production ever (for a PRoach show anyway)? They should totally bring that stuff to Europe. Tony doesn't even have a second bass drum over here.

And don't let those drunk people crawling up on you just before the headlining band hits the stage ruin your show. I know it sucks (has happened to me aswell and I've seen fistfights break off to), but hey it's a live show, shit happens (sometimes literally, as we know).

So what song made you bang your head most aka what song did you like most (from old and new stuff)?

Author:  Starstruck [ Oct 07 10 10:47:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wallingford, CT show

Skillet- They had a guy on violin and another on cello. I'm not sure how many songs they actually used them for but it was at least two and they had a solo in the middle of the show. I could only see 3/4 of the stage. I didn't even know they had a female drummer until someone told me that after the show LOL. Here is a live clip of the solo that someone uploaded from about a year ago: and another where they play in a song: ... re=related The singer reminds me of Brad from Real World San Diego.

The backdrop is super cool. I have yet to see this stage show from front and center (I've been off to the side each time) so I didn't really get the full dramatic effect of the lights. I mean, check out how rad GAWM looks: (LOL @ Jacoby filming himself)

So far I've only gotten into one actual fight with a girl (Nashville show). Otherwise it's just a lot of shoving the bitch back or stepping on her toes extremely hard to get her to back off. Oh, and in August I accidentally got punched in the jaw because of a fight going on behind me. I was fine, but I had to get my stupid glasses fixed the next day because they were so bent. But honestly after the Nashville show I realized that fighting back was taking a big risk because they really didn't frisk there and who knows what she had on her. The worst though is when a security guard is fully aware of these girls and just sit by while I and other people just get harassed and pushed around. I mean, wtf are they there for.

I think the highlights for me were all the new songs, especially One Track Mind since I hadn't heard that one live yet. I was more excited than usual to hear Broken Home last night for some reason. I guess because I wasn't sure if it would be on the setlist since lately it's been sporadically played. I also love whenever BWNDWE is played because I have a soft spot for LHT.

Author:  Starstruck [ Oct 07 10 11:03:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wallingford, CT show

D'oh! Forgot to mention Blood Brothers was played. The first three songs were KITT, then Blood Brothers, then Lifeline. BAAI closed out the show. So please add BB as a highlight.

Author:  Edacious P [ Oct 07 10 11:43:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wallingford, CT show

Kind of surprised they have those instruments live too. Never heard of that band before. Seems like they're a bit more established than I thought they'd be.

Damn that sucks. Nashville, TN though, not really surprised that it happened there...

Right on. So did you already dig OTM on the record or do you dig it more as a live song? I mean it's a good song, but there's better stuff on TFA IMHO.

Who doesn't have a sweet spot for LHT? They played it in August (last time I saw them) and I loved how they added that short jam before the last chorus/built up where Jacoby gets the crowd to clap along. Just in general all those intros to the old(er) songs make them more appealing, pretty good idea to keep it interesting for themselves too.

They closed with BAAI? Weird. They played BB and BH here too. When did they play Last resort then? Was Last resort second to last and then they came back with BAAI as an encore? How many songs did they play as an encore actually?

Author:  Starstruck [ Oct 08 10 1:25:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wallingford, CT show

I was surprised there were a lot of Skillet fans. He asked the crowd who'd seen them before and a lot of people raised their hand. Plus they were singing along to songs. I think the only title that sounded familiar was "Monster" and that's probably cus Kate mentioned that one to me awhile back. :)

I liked OTM already from the CD. Hearing the Enemy live at the last show kicked it up a notch in my books though.

They did an extended intro to KITT. It does add a bit more drama when they add those intro bits, which I like. I think my favorite intros they've done were when they used to open with To Be Loved and also when they did BAAI on the Staind tour.

Last Resort was next to last, then BAAI. They didn't do any encores. The setlist was all done in one shot which surprised me.

Author:  kate-marie [ Oct 08 10 2:25:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wallingford, CT show

Oh, I cannot wait to see "Monster" live! Im glad you liked them!

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